APS is leader in the property management business since 1974.

Specializing in the day-to-day management of multi-family residential apartments.

We have been a leader in the property management business since 1974. We are a full service property management company specializing in the day-to-day management of multi-family residential apartments with an expertise in the affordable housing segment.

Our experience and expertise in property management qualifies us to personally serve the unique needs of property owners and residents. We pride ourselves in delivering all aspects of day-to-day management including:

  • Financial management – strict bookkeeping controls and records.
  • Detailed budgets and projections.
  • Complete on-site files for all financial records and all resident files.
  • Accurate and complete residential income and occupancy certification and re-certifications.
  • Localized outreach and marketing plan.
  • Complete applicant screening including all background checks.
  • Volume wholesale purchasing discounts.
  • Well trained and well supervised property supervisors and on-site managers.
  • Maintenance of each property is accomplished by our experienced maintenance personnel along with capacity for evening and weekend emergencies.
  • Expert and experienced outside legal support

A complete system of checks and balances is used to maintain financial control. The qualified accounting department compiles detailed monthly property reports including monthly and yearly comparisons, schedules showing all collections, delinquencies and itemized payments by category. All payments and distributions are made in a timely manner. Year end reports are delivered and reviewed with owner’s / client’s CPA for the preparation of annual tax reporting. Adherence to tenant qualifications, eligibility and rent collection procedures are strictly enforced and maintained.

We are skilled in the regulation and reporting of surrounding properties financed with Tax Credits, Tax Exempt Bonds, HOME funding and Housing Set-A-Side funds.