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The Wilshire Apartments Project

by apsadmin at 2011. 02. 10 | 3:54 pm

The Wilshire Apartments are located less than a mile south of the Cornerstone Village (Big Minnie) project. The buildings were originally one-bedroom units and were originally built for military housing in the 1950’s.

The project reduced the overall unit count and over-occupancy by combining a number of the one-bedroom units into two, three and four bedroom units. In addition to the apartment reconfiguration, the project includes a major rehabilitation of the buildings and units. The exterior rehabilitation included, new paint, stucco, roofs, windows, and landscaping. The interior rehabilitation included new kitchen cabinets, linoleum, drywall, paint, carpet, bathrooms, and light fixtures. An 800 foot Wrought iron fence was installed on the eastside of the property to protect the residents and children from the active rail line that lies on the East side of the project.

An on-site learning/computer center was constructed and hosts a variety of after school and adult programs for the residents as well as the surrounding community. Wilshire is located within two blocks of two elementary schools, a municipal park, and is also conveniently located along a transportation corridor.

OHDC and C&C have taken an active role within the neighborhood and community. Reaching out to other property owners has helped the owners come together and collaborate on solutions to problems within the neighborhood. OHDC and C&C have also reached out to residents of the entire neighborhood and dialogued with them on ways to improve the community.